Selasa, 25 Juli 2017

Preparation Before presentation

"Preparation Before Presentation"

1. Welcome Audience
  • Good morning/ afternoon ladies/ gentlemen
  • Hello/ Hi, everyone
  • First of all, let me thank you all for coming here today
2. Introduce Yourself
  • Let me introduce myself i'm David from...
  • For those of you who don't know me, my name is...
  • I'm head of logistics here at Air spares...
3. Say What The Topic is

  • As you can see on the screen, our topic today is...
  • Today topic is...
  • What I'd like to present to you today is...
  • The subject of my presentation is...
4. Explain Why Audience Will be Interested
  • My talk is particulary relevant to those of you/us who...
  • My/The topiuc is verry important for you because...
  • By the end of this talk you will bw familiar with...

Minggu, 09 Juli 2017


Sunny Side Up Receipe Like In Restaurant

Material :

-          An egg
-          Butter ½ tablespoon
-          Salt to taste
-          Mineral water 2 tablespoons

How to make :

1.       Prepare a hot skillet with medium heat, pour the butter into it until it runs out
2.       Enter the egg
3.       Give a little salt and pour enough water
4.       Cover the pan for 30 seconds until the egg mature
5.       Lift and eggs like food in restaurant ready to serve
6.       Garnish the egg with tomato, leaf soup, and slices of red chili or whatever you have on your hand

Senin, 22 Mei 2017

Team work better for all

           One day there are two donkeys and each connected with a rope around their neck. Then in both opposite directions there was a pile of straw, and they walked in opposite directions to the straw, but they could not reach it because the ropes of their necks were short, they tried to reach them with all the strength but still could not. Suddenly the two donkeys approached and wondered how they could both reach the straw. Finally they agreed to go in one direction in the same time and go back to the straw in the other direction.

From the above story we can conclude that we must have the same goals, must work together, so that the planned goals can be achieved and according to what we want because if we only think of our own ego then the work in the team does not mean anything.

Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017


Currently very many mobile and a my preference brand Oppo A39, this mobile is very good with the design a Candybar with dimensions 72.9 x 149.1 x 7.65 mm and weig 147 g, with one variant colour the colour of gold so don’t make me confused to choose colour. Connectivities complete as 26 GSM, 36 HSDPA and 4G LTE, this mobile is provided with features wi-fi, Hotspot, and applications of big size. 

This mobile also provided with features dual SIM, the type nano SIM to the fashion dual stand-by. For multitasking Ram with capacity 32 GB, and slot memory micro primary with capacity to 256 GB.

Vendor Oppo always put the quality of camera to be attraction, now Oppo A39 with camera main resolution 13 MP, 4160 X 3120 Pixels, Led Flash, Auto Focus, Cotinouns Shooting, Digital 200M, Geotagging, Panorama, HRD, touch focus, face detection, white belence settings, ISO settings, Exposure compensation self-timer, scene mode, video 1080p@30fps, front camera resolution 5 MP and rear camera 13 MP.

The Oppo A39 screen has a 5.2-inch size of 2.5, the actual curve looks very beautiful and comfortable when in use, the HD resolution screen that makes the screen look more clear, plus a social class LCD display panel that provides a wide viewing angle, the screen is also complete with Gorilla glass 4 screen visor, running android OS marshmellow which has a more attractive appearance.

For those of you who are interested in buying this smartphone, Oppo A39 in the official price in Indonesia at Rp. 2.799.000 but in May 2017 it fell to Rp. 2.200.000. This smartphone is already available in the market in the third week of December 2016. In addition to OPPO Store, Oppo A39 can also be obtained at some reputable e-commerce in Indonesia.